How Concert works

If you’ve worked with agencies in the past, you may have experienced some frustration not only with the pile of resumes you received for a single open position but also with the lack of congruence between the candidate’s qualifications and the requirements of the open position.

At Concert Consulting, we take a different approach. Before we will commit to work on a job requirement, we take care to understand not only the job requirements, but also the personality of the manager. If we determine that we can provide a fast rate of response to the job requirement and we are confident that we can bring value, we will accept the order.

At Concert Consulting, we are not a resume service and we strongly believe in earning our fees. Therefore it is our objective to maximize our value to you by submitting the resumes of two or three of our best candidates who possess not only the required skills for the position, but also the personality to facilitate a healthy working relationship with the manager.

All fees are contingency based. This means you don’t pay any fees unless you actually hire one of our candidates. There is no expense to the candidate. We take the time necessary to research the candidate’s career plans, skills and special interests. The job search is coordinated with the candidate’s career objectives as our central focus.
We will speak with each candidate about a specific company or position. We then share details before presenting the candidate’s background or resume to the client. We strive to eliminate duplication of effort by eliminating companies the candidates may have already spoken with, or have no interest in pursuing.

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